Daydreaminglamb's Terms of Service

Once you are done reading the Terms of Service, head over to the Commissions page to check out the prices!

~ Terms of Service ~

~ Either contact me through my Instagram/Twitter DM's or Patreon ~

~ Payments must be paid upfront first ~

~ USD only ~

~ Must provide your paypal email (Payments will be requested through an invoice so DO NOT sent money on your own accord) ~

~ Please send clear art references, I will not accept a commission without one or covered with a watermark ~

~ If you don't have any art references and still want me to do your commission, it will cost more ~

~ I have the right to reject any commissions I am uncomfortable with or goes against my rules and guidelines ~

~ Commissions can ONLY be used for personal use ~

~ Commissioners may NOT edit, steal, trace or sell commissioned work for any reason ~

~ If you want to post on a different site you MUST credit me ~

~ Commissioners can cancel commissions only before the payment is sent, not after ~

~ Commission refunds are not refundable after prompted drafts have been made ~

~ Commissions should take about a week or a month to do, depending on how much slots are done ~


Currently an Illustration Entertainment Art Major Student who loves games and anime. I am currently working on a story all about witches and magic :3

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